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Encountering the sacred in museums – Study Day at the British Museum

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Reliquary Cross

Reliquary Cross

The British Museum is holding a study day on Friday 15 March entitled  ‘Encountering the sacred in museums’.

Event description:

What role do museums play in visitors’ religious and spiritual lives? Join us for a unique day of discussions on the varied ways visitors practise their faith and experience the sacred in museums. Featuring speakers from a mix of museum and academic backgrounds, this event will explore the visitor experience at venues including the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall, the Creation Museum in Kentucky and the recent ‘spiritual journeys’ exhibitions at the British Museum.

This day will be of particular interest to students of museum and/or religious studies, those working within the Museum and Gallery sector as well as members of the public.

Programme details:

  • ‘What is sacred?’
    Karen Armstrong, Historian of Religion
  • ‘Presenting Islam’
    Qaisra Khan, Project Curator- Faith & Islam, ZNM Project, The British Museum
  • ‘Beyond belief – the role of museums in interpreting religion’
    Rickie Burman, Development Manager, The National Gallery and Emeritus Director, Jewish Museum London
  • ‘Humans riding on the backs of Dinosaurs: A walk through the Creation Museum in Petersburg, Kentucky USA’
    Dr. John Troyer, Deputy Director of the Centre for Death and Society Department of Social and Policy Sciences University of Bath
  • ‘Keeping magic live’
    Dr Fiona Candlin, Senior Lecturer in Museum Studies, Birkbeck
  • ‘Visitor responses to the British Museum’s Treasures of Heaven exhibition’
    Stuart Frost, Head of Interpretation, The British Museum and David Francis, Interpretation Officer, The British Museum
  • ‘God in the museum’
    Steph Berns, AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Researcher at the University of Kent and The British Museum

Event details:

  • £35, Members/concessions £28
  • 10.30am – 5.00pm
  • At the British Museum’s Stevenson Lecture Theatre (map)
  • Morning and afternoon refreshments will be provided
  • The Museum will remain open until 20.30

Book online at:


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