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Exhibition on hajj opens in Qatar

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An exhibition exploring the Islamic annual pilgrimage hajj opened at the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) in Doha, Qatar last month and will run until 5 January 2014. ‘Hajj: the journey through art‘ is the first exhibition held in the Muslim world to explore the art related to the annual pilgrimage and will feature artworks from Qatari collections as well as objects from Saudi Arabia and beyond.

In a press release  Aisha Al Khater, Director of Museum of Islamic Art, Doha (MIA), said:

“Exhibitions such as this have traditionally been the purview of European and North American museums… MIA is dedicated to shedding light on our past to inspire future generations, and we believe the power of art is essential to bringing the story of our cultures to life. We have every confidence that this exhibition will do just that” (from

The exhibition is organized in collaboration with the British Museum (BM), following the BM’s 2012 major exhibition ‘Hajj: Journey to the heart of Islam‘. While the exhibition at the BM catered for a predominately British audience made up of both Muslim and non-Muslim visitors, the exhibition in Doha is largely aimed at Muslim audiences who are familiar with the religious significance of the sites and rituals. The exhibition in Doha, therefore, focuses on past and present artistic traditions that have shaped and taken inspiration from the pilgrimage. The exhibition also pays particular attention to the pilgrimage routes from Qatar.

For more information, visit MIA’s website.

The British Museum also collaborated with a number of other museums on exhibitions exploring the Islamic pilgrimage including the Arab World Institute (AWI) in Paris and the National Museum of Ethnology in Leiden, Netherlands.


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