Religion in Museums

When museums and religion collide

New books from Italy and Portugal

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For some years now German scholars have been giving us anglophones a run for our money. Now it seems that southern Europe is too. In fact “run for our money” is quite the wrong phrase, because this is a free ebook. Download it from Minucciani

So far I’ve only read Valeria’s Introduction. She gives a very useful summary of the present state of play in our field, plus an original analysis of cathedral and diocesan treasuries in Europe.

The second book, from Portugal, I’m afraid I haven’t seen yet except on Amazon. Google translates the Amazon puff as

  • This paper examines how the museum relates the sacred: as expressing the intangible thought and religious feelings and are referenced as the liturgical and devotional objects in a museum presentation. To this end, circumscribe the approach to reality that is the closest, focusing musealization objects of Catholic worship in the Portuguese context. The research methodology involves historical research and case study, based on the methods of analysis of the history and sociology of art, an interdisciplinary approach to examine the issue from various aspects of art, history, museum studies and religious studies

At least that’s enough to show it’s interesting!


O Sagrado...
















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