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Everyday Muslim Symposium

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Saturday 31st January, at Bishopsgate Institute, London.
Call for Papers

This one-day symposium, organised by the Khizra Foundation in partnership with Bishopsgate Institute, is dedicated to exploring constructions of Muslim heritage in the UK. It aims to bring together those working in academic, arts and media organisations to interrogate the changing ways in which everyday Muslim life has been represented and archived. It seeks to ask how the process of constructing a Muslim heritage has changed over the years and looks forward to possible forms that this might take in the future. We welcome 15-minute papers on any aspect of Muslim heritage in the UK. We are keen to capture a wide range of voices across a number of different sectors and therefore welcome papers with a non-academic focus.

Topics may include, but are not restricted to:

• reflections on the current state of British Muslim heritage today
• the shift in categorisation from ethnicity (e.g. Asian, Arab) to ‘Muslim’
• museum and archive collecting policies and their impacts on representation and self-identity
• representations of the diversity of the Muslim community
• opportunities and challenges of establishing a centralised archive of British Muslim life
• creating , using and accessing archives
• existing projects/archives on British Muslim identity
• the legacy of a British Muslim archive and its contemporary relevance
• the impact of inter-faith and inter-racial relations on British Muslim identity
• Muslim narratives and Muslim figures in the UK National Curriculum

Interested participants should send an abstract (maximum 300 words) and a short biography to by Friday 31 October 2014.

For more information about the project:!about/c1va9


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