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Happy Christmas!

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This image comes from Glencairn Museum News (, which this month is full of fascinating and erudite information about American and European Christmas traditions – Christmas tree decorations and Christmas cribs (‘Nativities’) in particular.

Left: Père Noël is the French equivalent of the American Santa Claus. He wears a long, hooded robe edged with white fur, and carries presents in a wicker basket like the ones traditionally used by grape harvesters. This papier-mâché figure of Père Noël, made in France around 1920, served as a candy container. Right: This St. Nicholas-shaped candy container, made in Germany around 1910, separates at the base and conceals a cylinder that held candy.


One thought on “Happy Christmas!

  1. Hello!

    I was very happy to see the latest “Religion in Museums” blog post, which is about the current “Christmas issue” of Glencairn Museum News. I did not notice a link to the online version of the issue. If you would like to add one, here is the URL:

    Many Thanks,


    Ed Gyllenhaal Curator, Glencairn Museum 1001 Cathedral Road, Box 757 Bryn Athyn, PA 19009-0757 267-502-2983


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