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Gladstone’s Library: Explore the relationship between art and Christian faith

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1st – 3rd April – a weekend at Gladstone’s Library, Hawarden, near Chester

The relationship between Christian faith and visual art is an immensely rich one but it can also be challenging. On this course you will explore this association from the Middle Ages to the present day, using seeing as a means to thinking about faith, creativity, politics and identity, the imagination and about God.

Sessions include ‘Light and Darkness’, ‘Touch and the Body’, and ‘The Problem of God in Contemporary Art’. There will also be a screening of the film Museum Hours (2012) directed by Jem Cohen. The weekend is led by Debbie Lewer, Senior Lecturer in History of Art at the University of Glasgow. Debbie says:

‘Art is older than the Christian faith, of course, but human beings have always used visual images of one kind or another (figurative, abstract or symbolic, in private and in public) to articulate their individual and collective responses to the divine. People have always argued, sometimes violently, about the nature and place of images in Christian life; I’m fascinated by how works of art themselves can play a part in articulating, challenging, affirming, offending, deepening, revolutionising and even awakening belief.

Residential prices start from £192, non-residential from £150. Discount rates for clergy and students apply.
Read an interview with Debbie here and click here for the full programme. For more information or to book, please call 01244 532350 or email


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