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Free Workshop

Religion & Heritage on Display


Saturday 4th February 2017, 10.30am – 4.30pm

More and more exhibitions and displays are addressing religion and heritage. These projects are sometimes in museums and sometimes in places of worship, but they all seek to present religion (however defined) to a general public audience. This informal workshop will bring together reports on some of the more recent. The aim will be to enable people involved in new projects to exchange information and ideas.

Venue: Institute of Archaeology, Gordon Square, London, Room 612.

Nearest tubes: Euston / Euston Square.

Format: twenty-minute presentations, with an introduction and time for discussion.

Catering: teas/coffees will be provided, and participants invited to contribute to the cost. Packed lunches can be eaten in the Common Room or lunch obtained locally.

 Chairs: Crispin Paine IoA UCL and John Reeve IoE UCL.

Speakers: the following are confirmed:

  • Keynote: Marion Bowman OU
  • Marius Felderhof: Museum of World Religions project in Birmingham
  • Lucy Trench: Religion in the V&A and the Science Museum
  • Christopher Ferguson: ‘5000 Years of Faith’ at Auckland Castle
  • Sarah Turner: Canterbury Cathedral
  • Rebecca Bridgman: Birmingham Museums Trust ‘Faith in Birmingham’ gallery
  • Gemma Papineau: Panacea Museum, Bedford
  • Antonia Lovelace: ‘Faith in Focus’ Leeds City Museum

Booking and Enquiries: to avoid overcrowding, please let Crispin know if you would like to come. First come, first served!

Sponsored by the Heritage Section of the Institute of Archaeology, UCL


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