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Yoga in Museums

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Bruce Sullivan has just been interviewed on the Religious Studies Project about Yoga in Museums. The interview is introduced by:

Yoga, in its modern form, should be of great interest to scholars of religion. While it certainly has roots in Vedic culture, the vast majority of Western practitioners do not see it as “religious”, but rather to do with health or “well-being”. Yoga’s status as religious has been in court, but nevertheless it continues to be practised in business, schools and, as Bruce Sullivan tells us, museums.

He has found yoga practiced in a big variety of museums across the US (though not in Europe) and by no means only in museums with Asian collections. The interview strays into a number of aspects of religion in museums, but returns with Bruce’s story of two yoga teachers who saw themselves as in a sense reconsecrating a sacred object by performing yoga in front of it.


Listen to the interview here.


One thought on “Yoga in Museums

  1. The latest Religious Studies Project post carries a splendidly sceptical critique of Sullivan’s piece by Philip Deslippe of the University of California Santa Barbara.

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